Region III: Europe

Karel de Bakker, PMP
Director of Region III

Upon completing his Masters degree in Public Administration (1989) at the University of Twente (Enschede), Karel worked as a research assistant at the University of Twente on the topic of expert systems.

After this research stint, for a period of seven years Karel worked at Ordina, a Dutch software company and later at KPMG Management Consultants. Within these seven years, he has worked as a project manager and as a project management consultant for various customers, to include investment and insurance companies, a national transportation organization, an international banking company, and several governmental organizations. For over the two years, he has worked at ABKM Program Management, a company that specializes in project- and program-management.

Karel has provided several courses and lectures on project management, work-process (re)design and risk management, and has developed courses on risk management. In addition, he has written several articles on project management, change management and risk management.

Karel is a member of the Dutch Institute for Project Management, as well as co-founder and member of the Dutch group on risk management. He is very much interested in the application of creative ("non-standard") techniques within project- and risk management. He currently works on a research project where the effects of traditional risk analysis are being compared with non standard techniques like "envisioning" (success analysis). He is one of the founding members of the "European Risk Consultants", a group of five European companies that cooperate on the topic of project - operational - and business risk management.

His hobbies are travelling, cooking, playing racket ball and Tai Chi.

Karel may be reached at: