We have all been trying to deal with this CTP/VCP situation for some time.

As you might expect the RiskSIG Board of Directors, completed a full and complete business case/risk analysis and the RiskSIG Board of Directors has informed the PMI that the RiskSIG will NOT sign the current MOU.

This message was communicated to the PMI and the entire RiskSIG membership and you may have heard about it.

The RiskSIG has decided to maintain its’ independence and will remain a separately incorporated entity.
Today we received a response from the PMI that, unfortunately, I can not share with you until the RiskSIG Board approves its release. But suffice it to say that the PMI will not renew the RiskSIG Charter.

What I can share with you is that the RiskSIG will continue to work to "Advance the State of the Art" and practice of risk management.

Through our Risk Symposia around the globe we will continue to bring you the best information available and the best speakers to present their thoughts and vision for the future of risk management.

The ONLY significant change will be that RiskSIG Members are no longer required to be a member of the PMI.

To be a member of the RiskSIG you only need to have an interest in risk management and subscribe on our web site. The cost is only $25.00 USD to be a member of the largest and most active group of project risk practitioners in the world!

Come join us as we create the future!

Charles W. Bosler Jr., CPCM
2010 Chairman
Risk Management SIG
+1 (603) 672-9185