The idea for the Risk Management Specific Interest Group was first formed by Charles Bosler in Boston, MA. during the 1996 PMI Symposium. In discussions with other members of the PMI Charles Bosler saw the need for a Specific Interest Group (or SIG) based on risk management.

In the months following the Boston Symposium Mr. Bosler contacted other notable risk management practitioners to test the idea. He enlisted five (5) of the leading practitioners to form an Advisory Committee. These experts some of whom were not even members of the PMI became a standing committee to advise the Chairman of the RiskSIG. From time to time issues of the greatest concern to the future of the RiskSIG and the profession have been referred to them for an objective review. They continue to serve in that capacity today.

Charles Bosler personally contacted practitioners of risk management around the world to constitute a core of 25 members necessary to file the initial paperwork with the PMI. This was accomplished in record time and presented to the PMI Board of Directors, for approval of the charter. The PMI BoD lead by PMI President Ron Waller, PMP, PMIF had an idea that the charter should have been issued for the risk group to become the first "college" within the PMI.

At that time, the Advisory Committee and the group members felt that it would not be desirable to become a college within the PMI, since there was little to be gained and much confusion would be caused by creating yet another (SIGs were a new concept within the PMI) entity with no plan for the future. Accordingly it was requested that our charter be granted as a Specific Interest Group. The PMI board took over a year deliberating the issue and finally issued a charter in January of 1998. By the time the charter was issued our membership had already grown to almost 100 members and we had conducted our first conference NASA in Langley, VA. We continue to conduct annual Symposiums as one of the greatest member benefits of the Risk Management SIG.

The Risk Management SIG (RiskSIG) conducted the first election of officers in 1998 at the Annual Symposium in Long Beach, CA. the following member were elected that year:

Charles Bosler Jr, Chairman, Craig Peterson President, Ron Higuera, VP Admin,

Elden Jones II,  Dir PR, John Moore, PhD Dir TechDev, Richard Tucker, Dir Reg 1, David Hulett, PhD Dir Reg2, Kalle Kahkonen, PhD Dir Reg 3, Ben Somerville Dir Reg 4.

Officers are elected every year for a term of two years. The officer slate is comprised of the Chairman, President, Vice President of Administration and Regional and additional directors. The total slate is divided into two groups for election purposes. Since the RiskSIG was incorporated, the by-laws are no longer the guiding legal document they were replaced by the Articles Of Incorporation but they are still used as a guiding document for operational issues.

This history lesson will be continued and amplified in the future.