Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
I'd like to volunteer for an activity in the RiskSIG. Whom should I contact?
There are many ways to volunteer!
1.    All RiskSIG members can contact their Regional Director, chapter liaison, or any officer of the RiskSIG. The directors and officers are listed on the web site.
2.    Attend any RiskSIG function and let us know what you would like to do, or ask us where you can contribute the most to the RiskSIG efforts.
3.    The web site also has a volunteer form to fill out and submit.
4.     Contact the webmaster at: webmaster@RiskSIG.com who will forward your request to the appropriate person in the RiskSIG.
5.    Contact Charles W. Bosler Jr., CPCM the Chairman of the RiskSIG at: Chairman@RiskSIG.com
How would I go about writing an article for the RiskSIG?
Contact the newsletter editor (Editor@RiskSIG.com) for information.
Could you explain the various areas within the RiskSIG, so that I could benefit from them?
There are no “areas” as such. Membership in the RiskSIG gives everyone the same benefits. As with any organization you get out of it, what you put into it. This simply means that the more you contribute and work with the other members in “Advancing the State of the Art of Risk Management” which is our service mark, the more you will get back. If you are a member “in name only” then you get to say that you are a member of the largest group of risk practitioners in the world. If, however, you contribute and become a part of the projects, and programs of the RiskSIG you will get back so much more than you put into the RiskSIG. We have many ongoing projects and programs, everything from becoming a RiskSIG Liaison to your local chapter to jumping into the role of a leader, or officer of the RiskSIG. Your involvement is whatever you are comfortable with contributing. The old proverb says: “the longest journey begins with a single step” get involved and see where it takes you. We will welcome you and your ideas and contributions with open arms.
Why isn't my username/password combination for the RiskSIG website the same as for the PMI website?
Our relationship with the PMI does not include their sharing the password you have registered on their website. We are a separately incorporated entity no longer affiliated with the PMI.
Why do I have to log into the RiskSIG website to be able to read the current newsletter?
This is an issue that comes up frequently at our Board of Directors meetings. On the one hand, we certainly want information about risk management to be widely available. On the other hand, we want as many people as possible to be active members of the RiskSIG. The winning argument (so far) is, "Why would they buy the cow when they can get the milk for free?" Logging on to the website establishes that you are a dues-paying member of the RiskSIG. You can access and contribute to the additional information available to all RiskSIG members on the “members-only” part of the web site.
Why don't I ever get any postal mail from the RiskSIG?
The cost of mailing anything to our 2,300+ members would be prohibitive. Even sending surface mail to 100 or so new members each month (our policy up until about three years ago) became too expensive, and the RiskSIG board made a policy decision that all future mailings would be handled through Constant Contact our e-mail program.
Can you suggest any conferences that focus on project risks?
First and foremost would be our own Risk Symposium, held at least annually. The next is tentatively scheduled for May 2010 in Toronto with Project World additional events are being planned for New Orleans, Rio de Janeiro, and Frankfurt. Ask your regional director, chapter liaison, or any officer for more information. Don't forget to check the calendar on our web site.
Aerospace Corporation holds a Space Systems Engineering & Risk Management Conference about once a year, the next one is scheduled for Spring, in Los Angeles.
NASA used to hold an annual Risk Management Conference, but the most recent one I can find referenced on the web was in December 2005.
The International Council on Systems Engineering (INCOSE) holds an annual Symposium that includes an emphasis on project risk management, with individual presentations, half-day tracks, and panel presentations on the subject. Look for information on the next one on INCOSE's web site at www.incose.org.
There is an annual Software Engineering Process Group (SEPG) conference annually  which focuses on Capability Maturity Model Integration (CMMI). The CMMI includes a process area on project risk management, and there are usually several presentations on the subject. News about SEPG conferences can be found on the Software Engineering Institute's (SEI) web site, www.sei.cmu.edu.
How are the regions of the RiskSIG defined? Are they the same as the PMI regions?
There are only five regions in the RiskSIG, and they do not correspond to those of the PMI. They are:
·       Region I:    Canada - Ontario and all provinces to the east.
USA - All states east of the Mississippi River, Puerto Rico
·       Region II: Canada - All other provinces
USA - All other states
·       Region III: Europe, Middle East (stopping at Iran in the east), Africa
·       Region IV: Pakistan and all Asian nations to the east
Australia and New Zealand
All Pacific nations
·       Region V: All western hemisphere nations south of the USA
How often are RiskSIG elections held?
They are held very year, at our Annual Symposium in the fall normally September/October. All RiskSIG officers serve for two years; approximately half of the positions are elected in a given year. The chairman, director of public relations, technical director, and the directors of Region II and III are elected in odd-numbered years; the president, vice president of administration, and the directors of Regions I, IV, and V are elected in even-numbered years. In the event of a resignation before the end of an officer's normal term, the vacancy is filled by appointment by the RiskSIG Board of Directors. That position may then be put up for election at the next available election cycle, regardless of the normal election cycle.
Can I join the RiskSIG without having to join the PMI?
Yes. Anyone can become a member of the RiskSIG. You do NOT have to be a member of the Project Management Institute (PMI®) or any other organization.
I never hear anything from the RiskSIG. Has the organization become inactive?
We are very active. On average, we send out one message a month that goes to everyone in the RiskSIG. If you haven't heard from us, it's because of a problem we are having reaching your email address. All of our communications are sent out by email through Constant Contact, our email provider. If you are not receiving anything from us, it is likely to be because of one of the following reasons:
·         The email address on file for you is reported back to Constant Contact as a "Non-existent address". This may be because you switched employer or internet service provider (ISP) without changing your "Primary Email Address" on file, or because your "Primary Email Address" contains a typographical error. In a recent mailing to all members (12-Jun-2009), this was the case for 57 people out of a total mailing of 2,344 (2.4%).
·         The email address on file for you is reported back to Constant Contact as a "Undeliverable". We don't understand all the reasons that cause this. In the same recent mailing mentioned above, this was the case for 4 people (0.2%).
·         The email address on file for you is reported back to Constant Contact as "Mailbox full". This is typically because you have a "Primary Email Address" that you have abandoned and left to fill up with spam. In the same recent mailing mentioned above, this was the case for 1 person (0.0%).
·         The email address on file for you is reported back to Constant Contact as "Other". Like "Undeliverable," we don't understand all the reasons that cause this. In the same recent mailing mentioned above, this was the case for 25 people (1.1%).
·         The email address on file for you is reported back to Constant Contact as "Blocked". This may be because you have intentionally put a block on all email from Constant Contact, or because your employer or ISP has done so without your knowledge. In the same recent mailing mentioned above, this was the case for 10 people (0.4%).
·         You have opted out, using Constant Contact's one-click facility for doing so. As of June, 2007, 16 of the RiskSIG's 2,376 members (0.7%) were opted out.
·         The RiskSIG has no email address for you at all. As of June, 2007, 3 of the RiskSIG's 2,376 members (0.1%) had no email address.
·         The email from Constant Contact is being blocked, but Constant Contact does not know that—it does not receive a return message to that effect. In such cases, neither we nor you know that the messages are not getting through. This may be because of automatic spam blockers used by some mailing systems, which have become much more sophisticated in recent years, and much more aggressive. We know this happens, but we have no means of gauging the extent of the problem.
In all, Constant Contact knows that 4.1% of our mailings are bouncing for various reasons. An unknown additional number of emails are also not getting through. We can't do anything to correct this from our end. We need you to tell us (by email) that you're not getting our Constant Contact messages, and that you want to be included in our mailing, so that we can check out what the problem may be. Please send the email to VPAdmin@RiskSIG.com.
I've changed my email address. How do I make this change in the RiskSIG records?
All the information about you that we have in our RiskSIG files comes from the member. To update your information send an e-mail to: membership@risksig.com The change will be reflected in the RiskSIG records and processed by the VP of Administration.
I opted out of the RiskSIG's Constant Contact mailings, but now I would like to be reinstated. What should I do?
Send an email to the VP of Administration, VPAdmin@RiskSIG.com, and ask to be removed from the opted out ("Do Not Mail") list.
This page is reserved for the VP of Administration to provide the most common questions he has answered over time.
The RiskSIG Vice President of Administration is Ray Williams and he may be contacted at:   VPAdmin@RiskSIG.com