Communities of Practice


SUBJECT: RiskSIG Communications: PMI Communities of Practice impact on RiskSIG Operations


RiskSIG Members,


The purpose of this communication is to address a PMI initiative which will impact the RiskSIG’s long standing tradition of promoting risk management knowledge and skills to its membership.


PMI is currently in the process of dissolving its current and successful SIG and College component structure and plans to replace this structure with Communities of Practice (CoP). Further details may be found at .


As part of this transition process, the RiskSIG, along with all the other PMI SIGs, has been asked to ratify a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) by 31 January 2010. PMI will not be renewing component (i.e., SIGs and Colleges) charters for 2010 without an agreement this month to transition into Communities of Practice.


After months of discussion and deliberation of the associated issues, concerns, and options, the RiskSIG Board of Directors brought this to a vote at our most recent board meeting on January 12, 2010.  The unanimous consensus of the Board of Directors was not to sign the MOU with PMI as the PMI CoP vision does not align with our vision for the future of RiskSIG.


The RiskSIG Board of Directors hereby informs the membership that we will not transition to the PMI Risk Community of Practice (CoP) and as a consequence we expect PMI not to renew our Charter for this year. This means that the PMI will end their formal relationship with the RiskSIG effective 31 January 2010, which is the end-date of our Charter. 


With every decision comes opportunity.


Rest assured that your membership in the RiskSIG will continue unaffected.  We will continue our commitment to provide value-added products and services to our stakeholders.  In the future, the RiskSIG will continue to operate as an independent entity that will embrace the integration of Risk Management into the discipline of Project Management and the discipline of Project Management into the practice of Risk Management.  


If you are passionate about project management in the risk management arena and/or if you want to learn more about risk management, we encourage you to stay connected with the RiskSIG organization through our web site ( We will be putting a revised strategic plan into action and would like to hear from you on ideas of what you would like to see in our offerings.  We are also exploring alternatives for the longer term that will enable us to continue to provide services comparable to those we have provided for the past 14 years, for all current and future RiskSIG members.


Please feel free to contact any one of us on how we can provide service to you. We are energized to get back to the basics and look forward to building on our passion of advancing the state of the art and practice of risk management. We are excited about getting back to foundations on which the RiskSIG was originally formed.


We value your past support and participation, and we look forward to productive interactions with you all in the future. 


If you have thoughts on this we would like to hear from you.  Please contact any of us.


RiskSIG Board of Directors:

Chairman                                                        Charles Bosler            (

President                                                         Craig Peterson            (

VP of Administration                                       Ray Williams               (

Director of Public Relations                            Laszlo Retfalvi            (

Director of Technical Development                Patricia Dazé              (

Director Region 1 (Eastern Americas)           Joshua Blatt                (

Director Region 2 (Western Americas)          Tom Kendrick             (

Director Region 3 (EMEA)                              Karel de Bakker          (

Director Region 4 (Pacific)                             Roger Goodman         (

Director Region 5 (Latin Americas)                Pedro Ribeiro             (

Director Membership                                      Julie Cohen                 (