Annual Report

2006 RiskSIG Annual Meeting
Charles W. Bosler Jr., CPCM
2005-07 Chairman, PMI
Risk Management SIG

Board Positions

Chuck Bosler
RM SIG Chairman

Craig Peterson
RM SIG President

Ray Williams
VP, Administration

Royice Robins
Director, Public Relations

David Hulett
Director, Tech Dev

Emmanuelle Galland
Director, Region I

Tom Kendrick
Director, Region II

Karel de Bakker
Director, Region III

Roger Goodman
Director, Region IV

Rodrigo do Espirito Santo
Director, Region V

Other Positions

Shawn Kelly
Web Master

Réal Ouellette
Newsletter Editor

Todd Boley
List Server Maintenance

Risk Mgmt SIG Reports

Written reports available for review, couple of copies up front  will be attached to minutes

Following reports available …
  • Risk Symposiums
  • 2006 & 2007 Budget
  • VP of Admin Membership Analysis
  • Region 1, 2, 3 & 4 Reports
  • Webinar Project
  • Public Relations
  • Risk Management Handbook Project
  • Chapter Liaison Project
  • Tool Survey Phase II Project

2006 Risk Management SIG Awards & Recognition

Chairman’s Award
Steven Grey Director of Region IV 2004-2006

President’s Award
Patricia Henao Risk Tool Project Leader 2005-2006

David Brady Risk Tool Project Team 2005-2006
Ondiappan Arivazhagan Risk Tool Project Team 2005-2006

Corporate Recognition
STG, Inc.
RiskTrak International

Open Discussion

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Closing Remarks

Thank You For Attending
If you have a few hours per month, these and other project teams could use your help. Please communicate with any RM SIG Board Member and they will facilitate your contacting the Team Leader.

Charles W. Bosler Jr., CPCM
2005-07 Chairman, PMI
Risk Management SIG

Link to Original PowerPoint File
2006 Risk Mgmt SIG Board