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RISK ZONE 2014 – European Project Portfolio Risk Summit 

October 13-15, 2014

Munich, Germany 

Risk Zone 2014 is the only European conference dealing exclusively with risk management from project to portfolio level. While risk management at project and program level is well established and precisely defined, risk approach at project portfolio level is yet to be formally considered. The summit aims at bridging the gap between project portfolio risk management and global business strategy. 

Over 2 days of lessons learnt, experience sharing and strategic thinking, the summit will address 2 streams dedicated to a large audience of professionals in charge of risk management within their organizations. Select the stream that best matches your profile or the one you want to learn from – the summit is made for you to optimize the time you spend out of the office.

  • The project / program risk management stream is dedicated to project / program directors and managers eager to deepen their knowledge and understanding of risk management best practices.
  • The strategic project risk management stream covers challenges related to the approach of risk management from an organization perspective and how to align it to the global strategy defined by the Board. Board members, C-Level executives, Portfolio directors, strategists and heads of global risk will find here a way to engage into high level exchanges on how to define risk management as a strategic function.
Over 100 participants will be offered the opportunity to hear from precise case studies, keynote addresses and panel discussions or to attend think tank sessions covering topics such as risk identification, risk quantification, human factor in risk management, risk management methodology, international regulations and many more.
May it be to freshen-up your knowledge, learn from your peers, discover new methods or practices, have your say on the way risk management will be considered in the future or simply to network and build-up strong relationships, RISK ZONE 2014 is your one-stop shop to proactively manage risk within your organization once back to the office.
Join this one of its kind highly targeted summit and be part of those few risk experts who will shape the way risk will evolve in the future!
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